Warm Greatings From Balageru

Here at Balageru we bring traditional Ethiopian dishes from some of the most cultural areas. All the reipices we use are handed down from generation to generation. Every vegetable we use is gotten from farmers that have cultivated with traditional methods.

All of our dishes are served with ingera. Ingera is a type of flatbread made in Ethiopia and several other East African Nations. The bread is a staple food in Ethiopia, where it is served with almost every meal. true ingera is made with teff flour, a gluten free flour produced from teff, a popular African grain. Ingera has a distinctive sour flavor and spongy texture which makes it ideally suited to sopping up curries, stews, and other wet dishes.

Another traditional service we offer at Balageru is the the coffee ceremony. Coffee is an important ceremonial drink. The “Coffee Ceremony” is very common in Ethiopia. The Coffe Beans are roasted, grounded and served in tiny ceramic cups with no handles. When the roasted beans are smoking they are passed aroundthe table, where the smoke becomes a blessing on the diners. Traditional Ethiopian food served at these meals? consists of “ingera” spongy flatbread, served with “Sebhi” or “Wot” (a flavorful and spicy meat sauce).